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Tax Partner celebrates its 20th anniversary

April 2017 marks our 20th anniversary! To give this event a lasting and meaningful impact, we have decided to support a forward-looking project in the Swiss Alps. Together with our partner, the mountain cooperative of Scheidegg in Grindelwald, we have converted a derelict cow barn near the mountain pass of Grosse Scheidegg into a functional goat shed. Goats have a taste for shrubs and brambles that cows dislike but which, as a result of climate change, are fast proliferating on alpine pastures, rendering them useless for grazing and farming. We wanted to support the mountain cooperative and the goats they use to stop the pastures from overgrowing.

Our employees and partners invested a weekend of shared physical labor on site to help implement Project Goat Shed. In addition, Tax Partner AG made a substantial financial contribution to the project. The result of it can be seen in the film “The Goat Family”. The film not only shows happy goats in a beautiful alpine landscape worthy of protection, but also an active and cheerfully sweating Tax Partner team. We hope you will enjoy “The Goat Family”.

We wish to thank you for your long-standing loyalty as a client and the trust you place in us. Additionally, we want to express our thanks to our employees for all their efforts during these past years. We are proud of our clients and our team.

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