Individual Taxation

Increased tax deductions for health insurance premiums in the canton of Zurich

Currently, single taxpayers residing in the canton of Zurich can deduct a maximum of CHF 2’600 for health insurance premiums in their individual tax return; for married couples the maximum tax deduction is CHF 5’200.

A popular initiative wants to increase these tax deductions to CHF 3’600 and CHF 7’200 respectively. As such tax deductions would reduce the tax revenues by about CHF 300 million, the Government Council has prepared a counter-proposal to the popular initiative, which was adopted by the Cantonal Council of Zurich on 16 May 2022. According to this counter-proposal, the tax deductions shall be limited to CHF 2’900 for single taxpayers and CHF 5’800 for married couples.

Unless the initiators withdraw their popular initiative, both options will be put to a popular vote. The date of the vote has not yet been determined